Web Development

From web-based POS solutions to CRM, Web Sol India Pvt Ltd has in-deep technical knowledge about how to create the most complex website. Our team has experience in developing and building world-class B2C and B2B applications focusing on e-learning, video delivery, data analytic, RTC, and AdTech. We have delivered products to many clients around India.

Research & development and consulting

Based on our years of experience and domain expertise, we learn the ins and outs of your precise business requirement for the purpose of reducing both market and technical risk across the entire web development life-cycle. We validate your development concept and choose the right technology. We maximize resources and avoid unplanned costs and discover new business models.

Front-End development

We precisely absorb the client’s business requirement and develop a visually rich, trusted and user-product relationship website for the purpose of boosting website adoption and satisfaction of our client. We use sharp UI matched for designing mockups with pixel-perfect accuracy. For better performance of the website, we ensure consistent UX across the entire application. In addition, we make use of amazing animation and effects which don’t compromise the performance of the website.

Back-end development

With an eye for availability, robustness and excellent new features, we design and build the core of your website with the aid of experience and knowledge of our senior web developers and web architects. For accommodation of future growth at scale, our developers use solid web architecture. We also make use of flexibility for integrating with your website with other system and third-party services. To provide actionable insights, we used advanced data structures. Cutting-edge security features are used for development of a website for protecting the users.

Manual and automated QA

Our team put qualified QA experts from day one in the loop so the client can quickly roll out features and make sure the website development runs like clockwork across all browsers and screens.

We are dedicated to provide the best services

We always try to provide you complete and unique internet web design presence in the cutting edge website design solutions for your online business. Our technical team working all time follows the client requirement and gives him better suggestion as well regarding the website because high-quality and user-friendly website design increase your visitors and turning them into regular visitors

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